Where is the love?

I try my hardest not to get sucked into the rumors that abound in the “silly season”, as the off-season transfer window has come to be known, but the talk of Adebayor moving to Spain has reached (dare I say) a fever pitch.

Yet there seems to be general lack of concern from Arsenal supporters about possibly losing our top goalscorer of last year. And when I look inward, I must confess to being a little indifferent about it myself. Why is that? I took it very personally and painfully when Thierry Henry moved to Barcelona, and he wasn’t even the Thierry Henry we knew and loved anymore.

There’s a lot to love about Big Addy. His physical presence, pace, and strength. That infectious grin of his that seems to reflect a genuine joy in playing. When he would pound his badge after scoring, I never doubted his love of the club and its fans. Did I mention he was our top goalscorer?

Adebayor can also be a most infuriating player to watch. He was a hugely improved player this past season, but there were still times when he seemed to understand the offside rule less than I do. Still, you have to wonder where those goals will come from if he leaves.

We don’t know yet how Carlos Vela will settle in, whether Eduardo will truly recover his form, if van Persie can stay healthy, or if Theo will become the man we so desperately want to believe he can. I’m not forgetting Bendtner, the big “dude with the ‘tude”. He scored some critical late goals, but probably has even more convincing to do than the lot of them.

I don’t do well with uncertainty and as my stalwart pal, Malcolm points out, Adebayor was one of the few constants last season. Plus, the missus is a big fan, and there’s that nifty chant the Arsenal supporters came up with (see video).

Adding to the anxiety of the unknown, is some of the players we’re linked to. The Obafemi Martins rumor has surfaced again. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to incur the ire of my Newcastle friend at Curly’s Coffee Shop, but I don’t rate this guy. We were linked with him last season too and I just don’t get it. He’s a shorter, fatter, less energetic Adebayor.

Let’s splash the cash and sign the Spanish wunderkind, David Villa. Then we’d have Villa and Vella. OK, maybe it’s not as catchy as Trix and Flix. But I’d like to think we’d score some goals.

Cheers, Mark

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