We should all be bald by season’s end

How does Arsene Wenger have any hair left? For that matter, how do any of us Gooners? Another excruciating nil-nil Arsenal draw, leaving supporters with few options other than pulling one’s hair out and rueing chances missed.

For a time, it was a wide open, exciting match with both clubs squandering excellent chances. But eventually Arsenal’s energy waned, frustration set in, and the Gunners finished up the match looking depleted, both physically and psychologically, while Fulham settled into a game of keep-away, content with the division of points.

The ever changing moods of Arsene Wenger.

From the boos around the stadium to the ludicrous but growing online chorus of “Fire Wenger”, unrest is settling in amongst the faithful (sic). I watched the match at Maggie McGarry’s in San Francisco, with a small but impassioned band of Gooners, including a London lad named Simon, who’s watched matches in such varied locations as Australia, Thailand, and Los Angeles, as he travels around the world.

Discouraged but unbowed at the match’s end, we discussed the possible exodus of some of Arsenal’s less dedicated support, and expectations rooted in the success of Arsenal under Wenger, tempered by the lack of silverware in the past few years. Simon proudly proclaimed that Arsenal would always be his club and that he’d follow them to the lowest division in English football if so needed. We’re both confident that won’t be necessary, but still, spoken like a true Gooner methinks.

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