We don’t sing that song

Whenever Arsenal scores the first goal, Patrick the Gooner bartender casts a wary eye over the crowd at Maggie McGarry’s, “Don’t sing that song”, he shouts.

Elsewhere in the world, Gooners may be singing the classic, “One Nil to the Arsenal”, but somehow, over time, it’s become the song the Bay Area Gooners don’t sing.

Seems every time we sing that song, something bad happens for the Gunners. The other side immediately equalizes, we’re penalized or some such. So we sing other songs and any attempts to sing that song are quickly snuffed out.

Sports fans are a notoriously superstitious lot and Arsenal supporters no less so. And the only time we sing that song at Maggie’s, is when the match is over, and the Gunners have won, 1-nil.

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