Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub  Maggie McGarry's in San Francisco’s historic North Beach neighborhood is the long-time home of the Bay Area Gooners. We are there for every match, regardless of the time (even 4:45AM PT).  All matches at Maggie's are 21 and over only.

In the South Bay? A few years back, we helped some of our regulars (weary of driving up to San Francisco each weekend) start a splinter group. Since then, they've grown into a thriving Arsenal supporters club and official branch of Arsenal America. They watch at Jack's Pub in San Jose. South Bay Gooners

East Bay? Some of our members who come from Oakland, Berkeley, and thereabouts have begun meeting sporadically in Oakland. It's early days yet, so no way of knowing whether they'll become their own group. When they get together, they watch at Overland in Oakland. East Bay Gooners  

Photo: Martin Lacey

Here’s a list of pubs in San Francisco that regularly show footy matches:
  • Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub – 21+ Open early weekends. Home of the Bay Area Gooners.
  • Abby Tavern - 21+ Usually open at 7AM.
  • Mad Dog In The Fog – 21+ Usually open at 7AM. Mostly Chelsea & Manchester United supporters.
  • The Kezar Pub – All ages. Usually open at 7AM. Popular with Liverpool supporters.
  • Danny Coyles – 21+ Usually open at 7AM. Official home of SF Spurs, but you'll find a small but vocal group of Gooners there for most Arsenal matches.
  • McTeagues Saloon – 21+ Usually open at 7AM. Popular with Everton, Crystal Palace, and United Supporters.
  • The Irish Times – All ages. Not always open early weekends – check with pub.