The Hand of Frog

kicking_ball Another controversial football moment that will unfortunately overshadow the sport. In the second leg of their qualifier against Ireland, France’s Thierry Henry clearly handles the ball in the moments leading up to William Gallas’ header to secure a victory for Les Bleus.

Selfishly, I half wanted France to miss out on qualifying so that the numerous French players on Arsenal’s squad would get some much needed rest while everyone else is on international duty.

The “soccer sucks” crowd that one runs into periodically, usually bring up the diving and cheating that they feel is inherent in the sport.  This latest incident will do nothing to cure their myopia.

Meanwhile the international backlash has begun with members of the UK press declaring Henry’s status as a once great player eternally tarnished. He’s already admitted it was a handball, but as disappointing as this is, does it erase all those brilliant years for Arsenal.  I think not.  But if you ask me it does reflect poorly on FC Barcelona.

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