The bad relationship nexus outside our window

I’m not sure what it is about our block in San Francisco, but we are regularly awakened by couples in the throes of a relationship meltdown. This phenomena has manifolded in recent years. Maybe the advent of reality television has given more people the confidence to act out their ill-fated dramas in public, though I suspect from the things we’ve heard, these unions were on shaky ground from their inception.

Last night for example, I was awakened by the plaintive wail of a woman responding to the rage of her partner, as he attempted to shout her into submission. From across the street, I could not make out the words, but the gist seemed clear enough. Then moments later, another couple passed under our window, she wanted to linger for a moment, perhaps to be sure the other woman was not in danger. Unfortunately, her male companion was not at all like-minded, telling her, This is one of these stupid things you do that drives me f–king crazy.

And so it goes on our street. Other gems of tenderness that have roused me from a good night’s sleep have included a man telling a tearful woman, Between your neurosis and your insecurities, you are making me crazy, a diminutive woman poking the man towering over her repeated, yelling, Stupid, you’re stupid. These things always happen because you’re stupid. I looked at this timid fellow, standing there and taking it, thinking, maybe she has a point.

Then there was the young lady running down the street, as her admirer plodded after her shouting, I love you, I love you, why are you running?, I love you. I’ve lost track of the number of times we’ve failed to sleep through the night because of two people, who by every indication, are not meant to be together.

When discussing this, my missus and I alway wonder, what has become of boundaries, both private and public. Not only would we never speak to each other in such a fashion, but any conflict that does arrive, is played out sans audience, as anything else, would not only show a complete lack of decorum, and be just plain embarrassing.

Actually, dear reader, the truth is, I’d be in BIG trouble.

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