Nick Hornby is a Bay Area Gooner!

bloggooner Nick Hornby was in town last week. For the uninitiated, he is the renown British author of High Fidelity, About a Boy, How to Be Good, and A Long Way Down, to name a just a few of his books.

In town promoting his latest book, Juliet, Naked, and a film he wrote he screenplay for, An Education (which is getting excellent reviews), Mr. Hornby appeared last Wednesday night at Barnes & Noble Booksellers in El Cerrito, and the following night at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.

He is best known to Gooners for his memoir, Fever Pitch, which details his lifelong obsession with soccer and more specifically, Arsenal Football Club Considered by many to be the best book ever written about the sport, it is a book that every true Gooner should read. For many stateside supporters, it was their first introduction to the club.

Fever Pitch, was also made into a pretty decent British film, starring Colin Firth, and later remade into an absolutely wretched film, with the Boston Red Sox taking the place of the Gunners for American audiences.

Several Bay Area Gooners were in the audience Wednesday night, and yours truly presented Nick (I think he’ll excuse my familiarity), with a certificate proclaiming him an honorary member of the Bay Area Gooners and a BAG t-shirt.



This was the second time I’ve met him.  We chatted briefly about Arsenal last time he was in San Francisco promoting his previous book, Slam. At the time, he was tentatively schedule to watch an Arsenal match with our group, but ended up being a no-show.  I reminded him he is always welcome at Maggie McGarry’s for any match in the future.

He seem genuinely enthused about receiving the shirt, and was one of the more affable, accommodating, and funny as hell, people I’ve ever met.

You can read/hear more about his latest endeavors here and here.

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