Move on up

Still gutted after Wednesday’s debacle at the Emirates. I guess that’s the difference between Gooners and the Spuds. We see a 4-4 draw as an abject failure while to them it’s a triumph, no doubt worthy of a commemorative DVD and mug. So it’s somewhat of a blessing that 3 days later, we’ve another match to focus on, though the bad taste in our mouths will not so easily evaporate.

When I’m not obsessing about all things Arsenal, my focus has been on the current presidential election. I’m a crusty, cynical person at times, but the campaign of one man has truly been an inspiration. It’s been well over a decade since I actively worked on a political campaign and much longer since there was a candidate that I was excited about, who I believed could effect real change.

While there’s a lot of talk about the money spent (and yes, obscene amounts are being spent) and the usual red state/blue state blather (I’m as guilty as the next), one campaign has sought to put out an overwhelmingly positive message, rising above the bitter rhetoric of his opponent.

One man has told us in a calm and collected fashion, what he believes, and what he’d like to do for this country if elected. The other has spent most of his time railing angrily about the opposing candidate and the media, leaving very little time for substantive talk about himself or his plan for our future.

I’m not naive. I realize that you don’t get the opportunity to represent one of the two major political parties in this country without compromise, tons of cash, and being somewhat beholden to special interests. But after almost 8 years of The Worst President Ever, is it so wrong to want a president is articulate, intelligent, broadminded, and thoughtful? If you want to be President, for chrissakes, act presidential! Only one of the candidates has done that.

Hope. Change. Unity. Resist the temptation to mock these things cynically because our media-saturated culture has reduced them to sound-bites. From where I sit, one candidate has offered us a shot at these things, while the other is hoping for divide and conquer.

So don’t forget to vote. And c’mon you Gunners!

Cheers, Mark

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