Meet the Gooners! (1st in a series)

bloggooner We’ve got a great group of Gooners who meeting regularly at Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub in San Francisco to watch the Arsenal matches, and this is the first in a series of posts giving you an opportunity to learn a bit about some of the folks you’ll be rubbing shoulders with, should you join us for a match.


Favorite current player: Gail Clichy – I was an outside defender and love to watch him catch midfielders off-guard with his pace in our attacking half and dart through for a brilliantly timed pass for an assist.

Favorite past player: Kolo Toure –  a consistent centre-back who I never had to worry about (although other teams certainly did) and who’s class – both on and off the pitch – set an example for everyone.

Favorite match-time beverage: Walcott (hefeweizen beer with a splash of OJ) beer of choice for 7AM match times, it’s like a beermosa!

If I’m not watching Arsenal, I’d rather be: sleeping, since that is what I do in the off season at standard match times.

Player you expect to have a breakout season: Theo Walcott

Anything else you’d like to add?: My first Premier League season was 2005-2006.  I picked Liverpool to start off because my best friend was a Gunner and I liked rooting against him. However, after watching both teams play that season, I found myself cheering for the Gunners in an away game at Liverpool and have called myself a Gunner since. We didnt win anything that year (though we had the best record against the top 4) and have not won anything since. I hear a lot of people giving grief because they probably fell for the Gunners during a more winning season and are really in it just to brag to their friends. Of course I would love to see Arsenal win something… even the Carling Cup, but trophies are not why I call myself a Gunner

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