Lost the plot?

Perhaps you thought Wednesday’s draw against the Tiny Totts, where Arsenal capitulated in the waning moments was the worst we’d have to endure this week. Stoke City away seemed like the perfect tonic, a chance for the Gunners to regroup and take out their frustrations on one of three sides promoted to the Premiership this season.

Instead, it seemed like all our flaws and shortcomings were exposed. Our porous defense conceded not one, but two goals on long throw-ins, Stoke’s not-so-secret weapon. The lack of poise by our young side was never so evident as when striker Robin van Persie drew a deserved red when his frustration boiled over and he shoved Stoke’s goalkeeper. Nothing I saw on the pitch suggested we can win the league this year. Even worse, visions of us dropping from the top 4 have haunted me ever since.

While I have expressed frustration with Arsene Wenger in the past, I’d never call for his head. He is one of the finest managers in the league and I cannot think of anyone I’d rather have at Arsenal. That said, I’m really starting to have my doubts about his handling of the club lately.

We’re starting to see what letting Flamini go without an adequate replacement has meant. Not bolstering the center of our back four which (shite refereeing decisions aside) cost us in the Champions League quarter final last April, is beyond comprehension.

I will make a prediction: regardless of what happens in the January transfer window, we’ll still support our club week in and week out, but if Arsene Wenger does not open the checkbook and buy some reinforcements, the top of many an Arsenal supporter’s head will blow clear off.

Cheers, Mark

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