I love this town!

Being a San Francisco native, I sometimes take for granted what an amazingly cosmopolitan city we live in.

Case in point, I’m in line at Cup A Joe this morning getting a chai (as I am most mornings), sporting my Arsenal jacket (as I am most days). In front of me is a guy in a Liverpool kit. I pay for my drink, turn around and behind me is a guy in a Manchester United jacket.

I walk out out of the cafe, get only a block before encountering a couple sitting outside at another cafe. “Dodgy top that”, the man says.  “And who do you support?” I answer.  “Queens Park Rangers” he says.  “Well, I don’t loathe them as much as some of the other London teams” I reply, before giving him information about footy pubs here in town.

I walk on, still smiling about the odds of encountering supporters of three Premiership teams in less than 10 minutes, when I spy a large man coming towards me in a very questionably designed sleeveless Chelsea top.  I decid not to press my luck and engage him.

Still, is this a footy town or what!

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