I heart Arsenal America

Arsenal America is the Official United States Supporters Club of Arsenal FC, and I cannot say enough good things about this organization.

For a paltry membership fee, you can be a part of this thriving community. In addition to regular features on their supporters group, they facilitate match tickets for members visiting the UK, organize national gatherings, and maintain Branch Offices in over 20 U.S. cities that coordinate regular local match viewings.

Since joining AA, I have met so many great Gooners from all over the world, toured Emirates Stadium and the Arsenal Museum, and attended Arsenal matches in person. My experiences as a member led me to become the Branch Manager for the San Francisco Branch aka the Bay Area Gooners. This year, I became the Secretary for the 2009/2010 season.

The new leadership is in the process of revamping the website, which we hope will make AA a more vibrant representation of a supporters group with our “official” status. We’re an all volunteer organization, and the $25 membership fee helps pay for the website upkeep, as well as partially fund the process by which we get members access to purchasing tickets.

We also hope to revitalize the local branches, so that they all thrive like the Los Angeles, Austin, and Baltimore branches, plan a few more national events, and issue merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, etc.

I encourage you to visit the Arsenal America site and become a member.

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