Here goes nothing

Apparently, writing the occasional cranky letter to the editor, and scribbling in my notebook wasn’t enough. I had to go and join the blogosphere. I make no promises as to regularity (not at my age), and offer even less reassurance about readability. I can almost guarantee tedious minutia and half-hearted attempts at humor. If you happen to spot any truth or insight, I’m sure it’s a fluke.

Mostly, I wanted to add another dimension to my SF Gooner website, so that it didn’t seem so static. I figured I’d use the lengthy off-season (what is it, all of 2 months?) to clean it up a bit, add a few more photos, and whatever else I can conjure up.

The website is a natural extension of my obsession with Arsenal FC, and my role as the San Francisco Branch Manager of Arsenal America. That affiliation has resulted in complete strangers emailing me in their efforts to suss out where one can watch the matches in San Francisco. So rather than typing the same information reply every time, I can just refer them to the site.

Another pleasant side-effect of the the site has been the Bay Area Gooners Mailing List, which I administer. We’ve now got over 55 members who like to get up at obscene hours on the weekends and meet-up at Maggie McGarrys to watch the Arsenal matches. If you’re in the Bay Area and follow The Arsenal, you really should join us.

Finally, while I did build the site all by myself, without any real web skills, I had a hand with a few of the elements. The caricature was drawn by the talented Doug Shannon, the logo by the stalwart Malcolm Steward, and the nifty flash animation on the front page was done by my long-time friend, Stan Fairbank. The latter two are still waiting to be paid in beer. Finally, some of the better photos on the gallery pages were taken by the esteemed Andrew Faulkner. Thanks also to my coworkers, Doug and Jimmy for their invaluable assistance.

Cheers, Mark

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