Gooners’ ever changing moods

It is a sports fan roller coaster not seen since last year’s San Francisco Giants World Series winning season. Arsenal FC may wish to consider ripping off their Torture slogan, given the highs and lows Gooners have endured in recent weeks. These pictures aptly depict the contrasting moods of the Bay Area Gooners.

Pure elation upon beating FC Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League match-up:

Photo: Martin Lacey

Photo: Martin Lacey.

A few weeks later, Arsenal lost to Birmingham City FC in the dying moments of the Carling Cup Final and the mood was noticeably different:

Carling Cup Final at Maggie McGarry's

Photo: Kolo Shoba

Carling Cup Final at Maggie McGarry's

Photo: Kolo Shoba

Fortunately, the Gunners are still in the running for the FA Cup, the English Premier League title, and the Champions League, so the ride is far from over!

If you’d like to join the Bay Area Gooners in following The Arsenal, we watch all the matches at Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub in San Francisco’s historic North Beach.


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