Dear Mr. Wenger

Dear Mr. Wenger,

Can I call you Arsene? No? Thought not. Well, I realize it’s early in the season and that the team is still settling in, but after the woeful display at Craven Cottage today, some of the faithful are just a wee bit concerned.

Yes, yes, I realize how presumptuous it is for me to question your plan for the club this season. Not only am I a Yank, observing things from the far side of the pond, but you probably have goldfish at home who know more about football than I do.

So it is with the utmost respect and deference, that I say, CAN WE BUY SOMEONE PLEASE! The Eboue as defensive midfielder experiment is to put it mildly, not going well at all. Denilson’s performance was so shocking today, we actually felt relief seeing Song coming on, only to see him come in for Toure.

Obviously, when Cesc comes back, things will improve, but where is our enforcer, our attack dog, our Flamini, our Vieira?

As the risk of behaving like a petulant child stamping feet, making demands from harried parents…

WANT A MIDFIELDER! WANT A CENTRE BACK! WANT! WANT! WANT! Ad infinitum. Holding breath, turning blue, and so on and so forth.

Ok, done now.

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