ABC = A – – h – – s, B – – t – – ds, and C – – ts!

If you have not heard, or missed this excellent article from the San Francisco Chronicle, the Department of ABC are cracking down on some of San Francisco’s best live music clubs, including the Great American Music Hall, Cafe DuNord, Bottom of the Hill, and Slim’s, attempting to enforce some specious rules, which could potentially end any all-ages shows at these venues, and maybe even force them out of business.

Slim’s has had its share of problems already as they are mired in a legal dispute between some miserable f- -k, who moved into a nightclub area, and then complained about the noise. He’s since moved, but is determined not to let the lawsuit go. This really chaps my hide, as you have to be a complete moron to move above or next to a nightclub, restaurant, or bar and expect to get a good night’s sleep. And then complaining about it, calling the cops, or taking legal action simply makes you a supreme a- -h- -e in my book.

You may have noticed a bit more profanity in this post than I normally use here, or even in my day-to-day life, but my blood is boiling about this one. Both my missus and I are passionate music lovers, who go to see live music as often as our schedules and pocketbook will allow, and to see some of our favorite clubs under the gun, makes us really angry. I could talk for hours (days probably) about the amazing shows we’ve seen at these venues.

In fact, we were at the Great American Music Hall last night to see Glasvegas and Von Iva. I won’t go on about what a great show it was, but before the bands started, we talked at length with our waitress about the club’s legal hassles and conflicts with the ABC. She told us that that Slim’s and the GAMH (both under the same ownership) have spent so much money defending themselves, it was impacting their ability to keep their doors open.

I urge anyone reading this or within the sound of my voice to write Senator Mark Leno, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mayor Gavin Newsom, and your local Supervisor. Let them know that you support all-ages venues in their fight against the ABC, and that you are genuinely concerned that San Francisco is at risk of losing some valuable parts of its cultural fabric.

Be polite. No swearing.

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