A little bit of alright

Some truly sublime Gunner goals yesterday. Carlos Vela’s cool as ice chip shot over the goalkeeper, as the defender attempted to take his shirt as a souvenir. Eduardo added an equally brilliant goal just after half. Last but not least, noted goal scoring machine, Emmanuel Eboue added a third.

Keeping in mind this was Championship side, Burnley FC, who did not offer the stoutest of challenges this time around. Even more remarkable, was the fact that both Eduardo and Eboue’s goals were set-up by that monster of the midway, Alexander Song.

Wait, I know what you’re going to say, but it was all there yesterday. With deft passing, superbly timed tackles, and even clever little back heel flicks, the much maligned Song had Arsenal supporters singing a new tune.

Even Theo Walcott made an appearance, and though his finishing showed a bit of rust, it was nice to see him back in action. Has it really been 5 months since his shoulder injury? Yegads, what might have been if he, Cesc, and that Czech player we used to have (Rosick-something or other) had remained healthy!

But there’s still time to salvage something from the season as I think most Gooners would be relieved at a top 4 finish, excited about a place in the FA Cup Final, and apoplectic at a return to the Champions League Final.

Perchance to dream?

Watch the highlights from yesterday’s match here.

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