A bloody Sa-miracle!

After months of rumors and false starts, including a premature announcement by the player himself (he’s young, it happens), it’s official! Arsenal has finally signed French midfielder, Samir Nasri!

Arsenal supporters worldwide wept at the news of an actual signing. Perhaps this is the moment when the floodgates (or rather the purse strings) open, and we see a steady stream of top players making their way to the Emirates. Visions of strikers and central defenders dancing in our heads!

Probably not. As former Arsenal player, Nigel Winterburn says in a recent Guardian article, “Arsenal have never been the best of payers. You have to decide whether you like being at the club and being paid well or if you want to chase the very top money.”

But then that’s one of the reasons we love our club. We’re not the frivolous plaything of some Russian ponce who amassed his fortune under dubious circumstances. We’ve not been mortgaged to the hilt by a money-grubbing American corporate-raider.

Not yet anyway. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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