I love this town!

Being a San Francisco native, I sometimes take for granted what an amazingly cosmopolitan city we live in.

Case in point, I’m in line at Cup A Joe this morning getting a chai (as I am most mornings), sporting my Arsenal jacket (as I am most days). In front of me is a guy in a Liverpool kit. I pay for my drink, turn around and behind me is a guy in a Manchester United jacket.

I walk out out of the cafe, get only a block before encountering a couple sitting outside at another cafe. “Dodgy top that”, the man says.  “And who do you support?” I answer.  “Queens Park Rangers” he says.  “Well, I don’t loathe them as much as some of the other London teams” I reply, before giving him information about footy pubs here in town.

I walk on, still smiling about the odds of encountering supporters of three Premiership teams in less than 10 minutes, when I spy a large man coming towards me in a very questionably designed sleeveless Chelsea top.  I decid not to press my luck and engage him.

Still, is this a footy town or what!

Bay Area Gooners back at The Irish Times!

This Saturday will see the Bay Area Gooners return to The Irish TImes pub for another all-ages match viewing as the Gunners take on West Ham United. Kick-off is 9:30AM PST.

If you missed our inaugural event in September, it was a huge success, and I’m not just talking about Arsenal walloping Southampton 6-1. Gooners young and old rubbed shoulders, cheered on The Arsenal, and created a fantastic atmosphere!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to bring your young Gooners to a match or if you’re not quite old enough to get in to Maggie McGarry’s, these events were planned with you in mind!

Check out pictures from the last one and then join us at The Irish Times this Saturday!

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 All photos: deej.ika photography. All rights reserved.