Come watch the Champions League this Wednesday!

I will be at Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub in North Beach this Wednesday, April 29th at 11:45AM PST to watch Arsenal FC vs. ManUre in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League Semi-Final.

Photography by Kay S. Jay

Photography by Kay S. Jay

So play hookey from work, school, or simply shirk whatever obligation you may have, to join me and other members of the Bay Area Gooners to urge on the mighty Gunners!

If recent matches are any indicator, we should have a great group to watch with!

Get by with a little help from my (Gooner) friends

Last Saturday’s FA Cup Sem-Final loss by Arsenal at the hands of Chel$ki was a painful one, certainly one of the more excruciating matches since last years Champions League Quarter-Final debacle against Liverpool, where a referee conspiracy unfolded over the two legs to deny the Gunners their place in the next round.

I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on the loss at various levels, wondering like many, why Wenger didn’t start Arshavin and Song. Particularly in light of the former’s 4 goals against Liverpool, the following Tuesday in a league match.

But what keeps coming back to me about that day, was not so much the match itself, but the amazing group of Arsenal supporters I was able to watch the match with, down at Maggie McGarry’s Irish Pub in North Beach. Simply THE largest turnout ever for an Arsenal match (or any match) at the pub. Somewhere between 120-150 true Gooners (and 3 Chel$ki fans) packed the place at 9:15AM PST.

You can see some excellent photos of the turnout here.

The loss still smarts, but the camaraderie of those present (and yes, the pints) was a much-needed salve for the fresh wound. Looking forward to seeing next week’s Champions League Semi-Final against ManUre in the same location. C’mon you Gunners!

Once again a vote for change!

Arsenal America has announced its new officers for the next year and yours truly has been elected to the office of Secretary.

I’m excited about the opportunity because it will allow me interact both with more Gooners around the country, as well the club itself. We’ll just have to hope that any photos of my youthful indiscretions don’t show up to derail my political career.

Speaking of change and all things Arsenal, check out this brilliant kit that one of our local Gooners, Kay Jay, was wearing at Wednesday’s Champions League match get-together.

A new hope

A new hope