We never boo our own

1-nil to the Arsenal should have been the cry today at home against Wigan. Instead what occurred was possibly the most shameful display by Arsenal supporters I’ve ever seen. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Emmanuel Eboue and he was shocking today, but the crowd response to his play was even more diabolical.

In a match that saw Arsenal fail to convert on numerous chances against a fiercely determined Wigan side, our lads needed raucous support from the crowd, but it was painfully quiet for long stretches, and the abuse Eboue was subjected to was inexcusable. I was sadly reminded of wretched incident a few seasons back at Craven Cottage, where Alex Song had a poor showing and was roasted by our traveling support.

This is only one Gooners opinion, but if your heart is Arsenal through and through, then your support is unwavering, through good times and bad, and you never, ever boo an Arsenal player on the pitch in service of our club.

If you participate in this shameful display today, you should seriously consider supporting another club. If you want a club you can boo on a regular basis, perhaps Sp*rs might be more to you liking.

You’re never alone with a schizophrenic

What to make of this Arsenal team. Dropping points to the Stokes and Hull Citys of the world, yet managing to brush aside Chel$ki and ManUre fairly convincingly. Now, mind you, I don’t think anyone (myself included) at Maggie McGarrys, where I watched the match, if polled at the halftime, would have given the Gunners a shot a finishing on top.

And yet, some grit, some fight, and a bit of luck in the second half, and it’s 2-1 to the Arsenal. I watched the replays later and while odds are van Persie was offsides, I could not say conclusively that the ball didn’t come off Cashley Hole’s foot. What I can say without any equivocation, is that John Terry should have received a straight red for his two-footed tackle on Bacary Sagna. But such a thing might spin the English football globe off its axis.

So let’s take the indignity of that decision… and the points! We return you to our regular program, Which Arsenal Team Is It Anyway?